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    Independence Day Around the World
    Mexican Independence Day

    Cinco de Mayo or May the 5th or September 15 represents Mexican independence from the Spanish.

    Every 16th of September there is a reenactment in every plaza or zócalo of Mexico, and is commemorated by Mexicans all over the world.

    Streets, houses, buildings and cars are decorated everywhere in the country. On every street corner there are vendors selling flags, balloons, sombreros and rehiletes - shuttlecock, all with the green, white and red, Mexicans National Colors.

    Flags wave from practically every house and building.

    Decorations that light up are set up in every city, the most spectacular being those of the Zócalo, main plaza, in Mexico City. This main plaza of every town and city is the place where the great 16th September celebrations take place.

    In Mexico City, just before midnight on the 15th September the festivities begin. Independence Day erupts with military parades, the peeling of church bells, banners, flowers, bullfights, cockfights, masses, memorial services, fireworks, dances, and concerts. Musicians on the streets play their favorite revolutionary songs, of which "La Cucaracha" is an honored specimen. As well as everywhere is heard the line Viva la Virgen!.

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